Is it possible for managers to coach effectively in a hostile culture?

Is it possible for managers to coach effectively in a hostile culture?

Sally Smith, International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Abstract: This paper proposes that it is possible for a manager to effectively coach their team, regardless of the culture that they are operating within. The piece of qualitative research uses Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis to provide insight into how a group of managers make sense of their experience of managerial coaching (Smith, Flowers and Larkin, 2009), with data gathered from six purposely selected face-to-face interviews and the results delivered through thematic analysis (Langdridge, 2007). The findings demonstrate that when managers adopt coaching in a toxic culture, they overcome the surrounding negative forces by creating a sub-culture that is supportive to their coaching. A micro-bubble that protects their team from the wider environment. An unfriendly culture can have a secondary effect and become a motivator that reinforces a manager’s determination to follow a coaching approach.

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Managerial coaching in a hostile culture

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Innovation was established by Sally Fyffe in 2015 to provide real support to automotive leaders as they navigate the challenges created by a period of intense change. Sally’s leadership experience includes board level OEM roles such as Network Development and Quality Director (PSA UK), Parts and Service Director (Citroen UK) and Head of Parts and Service (Honda UK). This is coupled with dealership experience from initially being a Non-Executive Director & more recently the Managing Director of Corkills Motor Group.

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