The three characteristics needed to unlock a high performing team

Part 1 – Alignment High performing teams are ones which produce more by working as a group than they do as individuals. They deliver exceptional business performance, lead by example, have a range of skills that complement each other, are motivated to achieve results and are built around strong relationships based on trust. A successful team isn’t just a group of individuals who come together, have meetings, and then return to their departments to get on with ‘business as usual’. It’s a team where the primary focus is on their work as a team and on leading the staff across the whole business. Their departments […]

The value in accountability

  In an accountable business the staff all take responsibility… for their tasks, their customers and their results. That responsibility drives them to succeed and deliver their goals. Accountability has to be led from the top and starts with staff having a clear understanding what’s expected of them. You can motivate and engage a team to move forwards, but they won’t deliver unless they know where they’re trying to go and understand the road they need to take. That understanding is driven by a vision of what your business is trying to achieve, whether that’s Top 10% in customer experience or a 1.8% ROI, a business needs a vision that can […]